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Saturday, January 29, 2011

In A Growth Process....

A person can have a positive outlook on life, but going to church does not make them grow. There has to be a need or a desire within a person to want to grow stronger in the Lord, and this occurs when you want to build a stronger relationship with God. Simply put.....this is Maturity. 

Healing is so important......there are wounds from childhood that we carry into adulthood, that allows us to suffer from personal insecurities. 

There are some things in us that we must be honest about. Why are we fighting?........What are we so afraid of losing?........Truth is were not even in control. We've become so selfish that we have allowed our sinful situations to be passed onto others. What we fail to the midst of all this, God comforts us in the sin and helps us to see who we really are. 

As messed up as we are, God can use us to help with someone else....

Yes we mess up.........but we learn.... 

From the mistakes...........were able to teach others....

From the pain........we are able to uplift, provide comfort and inspire..........

Yes we hurt...........but in time we heal......

If your not doing what God wants you to do, YOU are blinded. God does not want to beat us to hear His Word.  Ungodliness is a waste.......God wants us to be clean and pure for His Will, so what does God have to do to move YOU? 

We are still learning and maturing in some's a process, but never be ashamed for mistakes made during growth.~ Sass~


  1. Nothing but the truth, sis. Those who don't see each life hap, whether good or bad, as a lesson really bother me. There's a lesson in and every experience for sure, and like you said, it's a matter of wanting mature.

  2. Absolutely Mel! It is about maturity, if people continue to do the same things and are not focusing on the things that they desire, that bear fruit in their lives, they are stunting their growth. Sad to say, life and people will pass them by and they will never learn.

    Thanks for the comment! I appreciate you reading! xoxo ~Sass~

  3. I agree, we should all want to mature and grow in life. I believe that no matter where we are in life that there is always room to learn something more. The only perfect being was/is we should be striv-ING (-ING being a continuing process) to mature in Christlike character. And in our refining process, we have to humble ourselves and allow ourselves to be used by God to lead others to Him.



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