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Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Power of Prayer gives us Strength to Heal

My name is Becca, I am a 26 year old single parent, I became a mother at a very young age, so I had to grow up fast.I come to you today to share some inspiration and some of my story with you.I hope that youcan take something from it.

I learned things the hard way in life trying to do my own thing, Pride stood in the way of so many blessings for me. But when God wants your attention, he will do what he has to do to get it. He broke me down literally to my knees, to where I could not depend on no one but Him and for that I am forever grateful. All my past hurts, pains,experiences have helped me to be forgiving and show love and compassion with a heart that used to have concrete walls built around it. All my trials and tribulations, I look at them as a lesson and how can I apply it to my life for the better. Everyday is a struggle but I seek God for strength to make it through. I have hurt people and people have hurt me. But I serve a forgiving God.

We sometimes look at the material things in life and we forget how really blessed we are, we tend to judge others so quickly that we fail to stop and listen to their story. When you give them a chance, you come to realize that you have walked similar footsteps and have shared some of the same experiences. We all are not perfect,we are all a work in progress. Whatever you are going through God knows all about it. Look to Him for healing and Guidance.

My Life Verse: Isaiah 40:31"But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings as eagles, they shall run and not be weary,they shall walk and not be faint.

Life Song- "He Kept Me" - Kurt Carr

Healing starts with prayer, please embrace these words from my heart.

The Power of Prayer gives us Strength to Heal 

Prayer: It does not judge, it’s where you can come to God in your darkest hours, humbling yourself with open arms. It’s where forgiveness is sought, it’s where the pains, the hurts, the sins are revealed and much needed answers are received. Prayer is a cry out for help in the midst of life’s storms. It’s where you can be alone, one on one with God. Feeling his presence…...feeling his warm embrace. He hears your every call……he is listening….He knows the desires of your heart.

Prayer: It’s where trust is built, it gentles your spirit. It’s where tears can trickle down your face, for it is a good cleansing and will give you peace in your soul. God has no set time for your prayers. You can call on him in the early morning…..You can call on him in the midnight hours. When in prayer, God looks beyond our imperfections, when in prayer he gives you strength to have a heart that forgives. God is the Ultimate Comforter. Prayer is when you talk to God; meditation is when you listen to God.

In Life we all have to endure hurt and pain, for that is what defines who we are. We tend to hold onto those past hurt and pains….oh what a burden that is to carry. It’s those burdens that cause bitterness….hate….anger…sleepless nights. It causes a heart to become heartless, a heart that is so cold, that it’s afraid to love and except love in return.

Well today is a day of healing….
Release those burdens today….for they are not yours to carry…
Hug someone today….because they need it….
Forgive someone today….set yourself free….
Cry today…it’s ok….let those tears fall…..
If someone loves you…..let them love you….
For those who hurt you….forgive them….then forgive yourself….
If you doubt Jesus cares….remember his tears…

Today is a New day…..yesterday is far gone….focus on today…Embrace Life’s little moments. Remember you are blessed…to be a blessing to others…Ask God how he can use you.

I leave you with this quote:

“It matters not if the world has heard or approves or understands, the only applause we are meant to seek is that of the nail-scarred hands. *Amen*

God Bless!




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