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Monday, June 28, 2010


How you treat others is a reflection of yourself. You always will reap what you sow. Bitterness, negativity and misery are a disease that you should keep in your own world. Just because you are unhappy with your life doesn't give you the right to interfere with someone else's.

Be wise with the choices you make when you try to bring down others, you could be digging your own grave. You want to disrupt other people's lives when you need to evaluate your life because you are not living right.

You wake up everyday and choose not to thank God.....YOU need to self-reflect

You make someone else's life a priority over yours......YOU need to self-reflect

You are so judgmental and always having something negative to say about someone or something.....YOU need to self-reflect

You carry yourself as if you are better and above everyone else.....YOU need to self-reflect

You are sneaky and have foul motives towards people......YOU need to self-reflect

The same people that you mistreat, will be the same ones that you may need one day. It's in you best interest to keep your misery to yourself. Work on your own soul before you try to tip toe on someone elses and  YOU need to self-reflect!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Are you Afraid of The Truth??


Are you tired yet? Are you weary, run down and drained? Are you running from problems and people thinking that they will simply just disappear?

It is time to wake up, the decisions and choices that we make affect those around us. The people who love, care and look up to us. It's time to stop being selfish and think before we act. Ask yourself what is it about my behavior that is affecting other people??

The time is now to get your life in order. We spend countless time trying to please others when it's only God's approval that we are meant to seek. We have put our dreams and goals on hold to make others happy that we have lost sight of our own true happiness.

The things that look so obvious many not always be God's will for you. Allow God to order your steps, He will never put us in a place short of His Will for us. I am having a hard time grasping how many people can walk each day with out God in their lives. If were not focused on God life indeed will be confusing.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Prideful Heart

We need to learn how to move with God when He blesses us. Without humility, your faith will be very superstitious and pride will come up. Pride will prevent you from following Jesus and God will crush those full of pride and arrogance.

We all carry pride. We allow our tempers to get us in trouble and pride is what keeps us there. A prideful heart is a major burden to carry. When your heart is full of pride we block blessings, we choose not to forgive others so we hurt people. We hold onto hate, anger and animosity to those who hurt us, that our hearts have become so cold and full of pride that we even lose out on love.

We need to deal with our heart motives as God deals with us. The reason why there is no room for God in your heart is because it’s too much of YOU in there. If your lost, stuck and having trouble finding your way than bring yourself to God, not the problem or circumstance….bring YOU. Ask God to change your heart.

Stop being so shallow, what good is the beauty that’s on the outside, if the inside reflects rebellion?? Learn to humble yourself before God before He has to humble you. When God wants your attention, He will do what He needs to do to get it and He doesn’t need your permission.

Carrying a prideful heart is fruitless and not healthy for you or those around you and it will not get you anywhere. Give your heart time to heal and let go of that pride. Allow yourself to grow, evaluate your heart motives……because in order to have true riches, the motive of your heart must be to bless others.


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