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Friday, December 31, 2010

Man Up

Written By: 
Minister James Ellerbe 

In this Christmas season many men will receive gifts like cheap ties, socks and shirts to wear around the house. But, one gift that the man of the house would loved to have gotten when he was fifth-teen was a set of weights. He would lift the weights to gain muscle, then show off his new strength by flexing and arm wrestling, to attract girls. Now, he is not trying to attract girls or women, but something more important, his family, and how to handle their issues. He finds that the muscles in his arms cannot handle the difficulties of life that take a soft word or a tender heart. This man needs a new set of weights, a bible complete with good study for application. Now let’s flex.
    Luke 11:21  When a strong man, fully armed guards his own palace, his goods are in peace (NKJV).
  Jesus in this scripture tells of the strongman keeping his palace and the goods of his palace. The goods of his palace are not worldly possessions, but are the goods that truly matter, family and loved ones. These are the goods of the strongman’s palace that God is most concerned about, and the goods the strongman has the most influence. The family will tell just how armed the strongman is. His strength will be shown by his fruit and his family in their fruit. 

      Every man is a strongman, as far as God is concerned, but every man is not armed. God gives us the workout if we choose. It is the Word daily and learning his ways to protect and guide the goods of the palace. Physical workouts can be relegated to three to four times a week and get results. Spiritual workouts should be at least that many times a week, depending on how much strength is needed. This will arm the man. It does not take intense workouts, just consistent workouts and a true look at self. These are the type of workouts that allows the strongman to be armed. 

      The true look at self is difficult and is the greatest challenge in living God’s Word. Implementation of the Word of God increases the integrity of the man and shows his strength to all. It is an outward display of muscle, although the flexing is not in the physical mirror. The spiritual mirror is reflective from the inside out and is seen by others before it is seen by the strong man himself. He will see the results of his workouts as situations arise and he has to react. The change of his reactions is result of the workouts and is the time he will notice the difference in self. God’s Word is designed for us to study and arm ourselves for our lives and the goods of the palace. 

      The arming of ourselves as the heads will allow us to be strong in many of the life circumstances and situations that occur daily. There is always some one with a problem, if not the strongman himself. The arming of the strongman and the obvious keeping of his palace goods is the way he can keep peace. Peace is kept through the deflective nature of the Word, giving assistance to the handling of life issues, and keeping out some of the spiritual attacks that may otherwise affect the family. In his spiritual strength, without him knowing, he can keep the peace through the exhibition of love.

      In the sixty-six books of the bible there are multitudes of examples of how average men became strongmen in their palaces and the affect it had on those around them. The affect of an armed strongman in his palace responsibilities go into the world, wherever and whenever the goods of his palace engage themselves in any type of communication. His trademark stamp of influence will carry throughout the lives of the goods of his palace, they are his representation.

    Prayer: Father, I thank you for the opportunity to lead you creation into life and show them the way to your kingdom. Lord it has been a difficult road and along the way I have placed value in everything outside of my palace and not in the goods you have given me. Father, please forgive me, for not staying the course and infusing the goods with the love and kindness of your word. Please teach me how to love them into submission, not of my voice, but of Your will that they may have peace. Also, allow me to arm myself with total submissiveness to Your Word in my life. Amen.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Assuring Hope

When life caves you in, you do not need reason’s….you need comfort. God is a Comforter, bringing to mind useful things at times when we need them the most. At times we feel the woes of life and we can’t seem to find a way out, but I want you to continue to be encouraged.

When we face weariness, confusion  and hardships, we do not need to pray for an easier lives, we should pray to become stronger men and women of God. Every test and every trial we are to gain renewed strength. It is God’s grace that sustains us, each and every step in our lives.

Jesus does not come to us with an explanation…..He comes to us with His Presence. When you stumble and cry out to God in your distress and your shame, He inclines His ear to you and  when we can not stand, He will bear us in His arms.

“In the shadow of His hand we find spiritual refreshment, for there we feed on His Word. Under His protecting hand we are safe from every evil that would assail us. The shadow of His hand affords peace and rest. Because we are hidden in the shadow of His hand, no foe can alarm us, no harm can befall us. In the shadow of His hand He hid me…….”


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