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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Are You Glorifying God?

Are You Glorifying God?

When we say that we are glorifying God,  we are truly saying that all praises and honor belongs to Him. Our thoughts, our words, and our actions are examples that tell others who God is to us. 

We bring God glory by the way in which we live our lives, which should be according to His standards. When we live life this way, it is an example of how the impossible is possible. It shows others who do not know Him, exactly what is possible when living for Him. 

Those things that they could not imagine conquering or controlling, those lonely and desolate times, unbearable pain and suffering that they experience, all these things should look differently in the life of a person who knows God. Your response is different, your attitude is different, your demeanor is different, your character is different, YOU are different. 

God gets His glory when others see Him take impossible obstacles that you perceive to be impossible and turn them to your advantage. On;y the Creator of all things can do this, and we glorify Him with how we live our life.

In short, God gets the recognition for your life, not you. It is the God that is in us that allows us to walk in true divine spirit. It is God that speaks to us and gives the courage, strength, wisdom and knowledge to be used for His will and to fulfill His purpose. We don't just owe Him the glory, we owe Him our life.

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