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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Just Be Still.....

I am a very deep thinker, so my mind is always in deep thought constantly. I decided to go to a park that over looks a river and I am most certain that God lead me there. So as I am sitting by this big body of water and I stop for a second to watch the quiet still waters flow. I overcome with a calmness and peace within my soul. I hear God say.....Rebecca "Just Be Still" so I decided to write....

Some things in our lives are just not suppose to make sense right now, and instead of trying to figure things out and wrecking our brain to make sense of it all, we sometimes need to just be still and let God work.

When things don't happen the way that we want, there is no reason for you to get down and out about it. Instead you should be praising God because you have no idea what He has kept you from. What many fail to realize is that God is a healer, a lover of all, a comforter and a protector. He doesn't need your permission to intervene! He will do what He has to do to protect His children at all cost! Faster than the eyes can blink without hesitation!

God has planned our lives long time ago with us in mind. Now it's our decision to choose to follow Him and allow Him to use us for that perfect plan. At times we can fall short and can be thrown off track, which will cause a delay is God's plan for us. That's why it is important to stay grounded and rooted in the Word and continue to keep your focus on God.

God will not send us on stony paths without providing us with strong shoes. Stop trying to figure out what God is doing in your life, it's not made for you to figure out. Just continue to count those blessings, continue to be obedient and faithful, full of trust that God is in complete control of every aspect of your life. God will not fail you.....He never has.

Peace of mind is available to you when you give God everything, and when God is in the center of your life you can rest. In your mind full of stress and worry.....Just your mind and then your heart and focus on God's promises. Stop trying to figure out God's plan for you and let Him guide you. You can't pray and worry.

Where God has placed you......He has a purpose. Whatever your situation, circumstance or trial.....He has a purpose. It is God that girdeth me with where does your strength lie? Listen to what God is trying to tell you and for a moment if you can....take a deep breath......and "Just Be Still"



  1. Great post! We all need some stillness in our lives ;-)

  2. Just what I needed to hear!! Check out my most recent posts "Keep it on or take it off" and "Is Faith Truly Blind" @ I've been dealing with the idea lately of 'getting in God's way'. Your post is a culmination of my quest: Stop trying to figure it out, Be still and Let God be God."



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