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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Cleansing For Your Soul......

There comes a point in time in our life, where we just become weak and tired trying to win this war called LIFE.....but we know deep down inside we can't win by ourselves. What is it that we are trying to prove?......and whom are we trying to impress? Are we that prideful and stubborn, that we rather suffer and miss out on the true happiness that God has intended for us?

The hurt and disappointment that we all carry from so many people has caused us to lose TRUST, a word that we don't even know what the meaning is, we even lost all hope in that word even when it pertains to God. We have completely shut down, so scared, we don't even know who to look to. Our mind is telling us one thing and our heart and soul is telling us something completely different.

The answers that we need sometimes are right in front of us.....but FEAR steps in because were so afraid of loosing whats left of the control we have. We were told to be strong, continue to fight, don't lose yourself, don't show emotion.......don't cry. If we stop for a moment, we will soon figure out that this battle we seem to be fighting, is not against the world or the people around us...this battle is within YOU.

We wake up everyday and don't even have the strength to smile, we even lost all the energy that we had left because of the restless sleep we had the night before. Constantly battling with ourselves because we know deep down there is someone or something that is just missing.

Stop allowing your past....the mistakes made and the shame, hold you back from whats truly opportunity to be FREE. What's in the past is the past. God will make a future out of it. He will waste nothing. Don't worry about others and what they have to say. God says in His Word: "Out of the same measure that you judge others, you will be judged with the same measure of judgment" We weren't created to be a people pleaser, we were created to please God.

I encourage you today....right this very moment to just LET GO....fall on your knees with tears in your eyes and surrender. God says that " If any man be in Christ, he is a new creature...old things are passed away and behold all things become new".

We needed to go through some things in our past to get an idea of where we are going. We have to look back and remember where we have been and reflect on God's goodness. Who we were then is not who we should be today. When we have been brought out of sin, we must know that we were not brought out by ourselves.

Stop fighting this battle within yourself....if you don't find and believe.....He will find YOU.


  1. Awesome Sis! PREACH! This is for someone!

  2. Thanks Ash! This post speaks VOLUMES in so many ways! I truly hope it touches any one who needs to hear it! Thanks for reading! :)



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