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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Patient Soul.....

Alone time with God is the only place to find strength to press on. When you allow God to work on your soul....YOU will learn patience. 

This soul is patient in taking time to heal. It has learned that hurting people hurt people because of the reflection of the pain they are holding inside. 

This soul is patient in knows that God will answer in His time, for His plan. It's even patient on the prayers that they pray for others. 

This soul is waits for God's time in everything. Allowing God to work on this soul, molding it......sculpting it.....forming it into this beautiful image that shines so bright. God gives this patient soul the power to leave an impact that lasts a lifetime on each and every soul that it touches. 

This soul has been hurt.......and it has learned patience....

This soul has been broken....but it has learned patience....

This soul forgives....because it has learned patience....

This soul has loved and will love again.......because it has learned patience......

This soul is patient in allows God to be the Author of it's love story. With God's perfect touch, designing each detail of this unbreakable love. Teaching this soul to be humble, teaching them to forgive. This soul allows God's love to break down barriers that they have built. Showing this soul the power of love and the true significance of it's meaning.

Because this soul has learned patience it has gained renewed strength. This soul walks so close to God that there is no room for anything to come between. This patient soul is on a spiritual high, nothing can even touch it....not even the slightest delay. 

This soul has grown.....through patience this soul has developed perfect maturity. When dealing with patience this soul has learned that when you allow God to work things out on His behalf it will become prosperous beyond the desires of it's heart.  

Never underestimate the value of one soul....who has learned patience.....


  1. Beautifully done, deeply thought out, a cool rhythm to the words

  2. Thank you Mike! I really appreciate you taking the time to read it! Bountiful blessings!

  3. I really love this post as it too, is a reflection of God's work on my poor, miserable soul. He has taken me from depths of despair and pain, to heights of grandiose, mountaintop views and glorious star filled skies of be-wonderment and awe!

    Artist (such as you Becca) bring beauty, meaning, depth & perspective to life with things so simple such as words, sounds, charcoal & dyes. But when the master of the Universe, Himself, places the lump of clay into His Wonder-Working palms, the result is a vessel fit for honor and to be displayed throughout the endless ages! By God Grace alone! =)

    Paul Paradise

  4. Paul, (DevManiac)

    I am truly humbled by this response. I thank you so much for your spiritual insight and testimony regarding this post. I am blessed by your response and I appreciate the encouragement you have left for others to see. Continue to be blessed. :)




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