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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Breaking Deadly Cycles.....

We need to learn how to break deadly cycles in our lives. God does not want us in cycles. We have become so numb to the daily issues, problems and trials that we face that we have gained a slave mentality. We have instilled in our minds that we are waiting for someone else to set us free. We are so focused on the dependency that someone has to help us with our problem. Cycles are deadly and they have no room for growth in our lives. We have become so accustomed to the cycles we have gained comfort zones, we even have cycles on how we worship God.

We need to break the cycle of ignorance. Don't get caught up on meaningless conversations and debate, feed your mind on things that are full of wisdom and knowledge because mental stimulation is key. We have subjected ourselves and our minds to the negativity in this world that we have lost our focus on God who is perfect in His wisdom and timing. We our so self-absorbed that we become burnt out and mentally drained that we have lost all energy and motivation to better ourselves.

We have deadly cycles within our relationships.Some of our greatest hurts are within our families. We allow people to divide us and separate us as a unity, families are breaking up because of selfish people that we have lost the true meaning of what love is. If we can't respect, love and uplift one another what is it that we truly value? We have a God that loves us in spite of our sins, who consistently shows us grace and mercy everyday, but we have come to the decision that God's love is not good enough, because we still tend to beat and degrade each other down. Sin shows us what we don't value. God is a God who values love and respect for one another and if we don't value what God values our lives will never turn around. Believing in God's ways will determine your values, priorities, your will to act right and to carry yourself in a respectable manner.


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