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Monday, March 15, 2010

Stop complaining and start doing!

Twitter has been an awesome tool to connect to some amazing people. I like to introduce a Guest blogger who has been a great inspiration to me. His name is Todd Covington @t0ddalexander is his name on twitter, follow him and take a moment to check out his blog.

My inspiration is the fulfilling of nourishing words from my testimony. I have come to the conclusion that through my words I will gain victory from those things that have plagued my right to be heard. I couldn’t speak out loud so I wrote down these words…

Todd Covington grew up in the Northern lights of New Jersey, only to realize the root of it all came from his college experiences at the University of South Carolina. Throughout his time in South Carolina he learned the real meaning of “southern hospitality” His interest in helping those without, led him to find God in 2009. After this “Love Experience” Todd was able to look back at the past and appreciate the lessons, people, places, and things that molded, and shaped him into the man he is today. His writing has touched his life in a way that has resonated to his heart in only the past 7 months!

His writing is genuine and heartfelt. Emotion, spirit, and mistakes paint the portrait of an imperfect man, in a surreal and imperfect world. Perfectly speaking Todd Covington speaks from the dark (heart) to introduce to you a flashlight in the daytime!

Complaining is toxic! 

It hands the power over to the people or circumstances you complain about! Complaining is what we do to avoid facing, dealing with and solving a problem. In essence it is what we do to look like we are helping a situation by adding our two cents!

When you think in diminished thoughts your ability to think of solutions is tainted. The more problem focused you become the more problem oriented you become! The mindset you have is based on negative conditions, and blunts your ability to receive creative ideas from God.

“When you complain your Spirit gets overwhelmed!”

“Positive outcomes don’t grow in negative soil! You cannot complain and create at the same time!

The moment you choose to utter a complaint you have given a verbal command to a negative belief. If no one pays your words attention,. Guess what? You do! You cancel out positive intentions and confessions, seamlessly rendering your powerless to reap the benefits that God has promised you.

In complaints you focus on the past that you cannot change. You are stuck in neutral because you have not allowed yourself from yesterday. You will always play the ‘blame game’ searching for past hurts to use as an excuse to use as to why you complain the way you do!

In your looking back to yesterday you let today’s time slip away! If you don’t realize why people aren’t a part of your life anymore wake up!

Complaining invites other people around you into your toxic environment! Your mate, family, friends, co-workers, your environment gets infected by your disease of flashbacks! You in essence polarize your relationships by turning people negatively and they flee for the positive!

Your tongue has the power of life and death!

Your attitude will be overwhelmed to a place not because of what comes against you, but because of the self-inflicted products of your own complaints.

Be wary of complaints!


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