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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Acceptance of Closure Brings Order

Shouts to my girl Ree for this post. She came to me with a open and humbled heart about a situation she was dealing with, As I was listening to her, I was taking mental notes and told her I would dig deep in my soul to write her a blog. As my promise to her, I delivered and she approved. Sending mad love her way! Love you mamas! xoxo ~Becca~

Acceptance of Closure Brings Order

I tend to say, "close one door before you open another...because there is nothing cute about baggage" At times those doors are closed, we just fail to or refuse to accept that they are closed, so afraid of letting go.

We all have suffered from hurt and pain from a loved one, whether it was a family member, friend, spouse or dating relationship. Thoughts come to mind of how someone we loved and trust so much with our whole hearts could betray us in such a way that we become broken. Part of the problems of why we remain broken, is because we don't take the time to heal.

We have become damaged goods, that continue to carry alot of baggage into next situations, relationships and friendships.
But not all baggage is bad baggage and it shouldn't be viewed in a negative way. Sometimes we look at our baggage as if there is no way out.

But for reasons we don't know, our gracious God will put people in our paths to help release some of that baggage. They are placed there to help us grow, to help us become better. The Bible says "Judge Not" so don't be afraid to accept someone’s kindness, because not everyone has foul motives. We tend to push people away because were embarrassed or ashamed of that baggage we carry, but you have to learn to loosen the reigns of that prideful heart or you will continue to be in bondage.

Humble yourselves and open those eyes full of pain and tears. Stop trying to determine what people can and can not handle. Just let go and let it be and trust God in the process. If you stop for a second, you may come to realize that person is right there staring you in the face.

You should never be ashamed of your flaws, someone will love you past your hurt, mistakes and pain because that's unconditional love and at times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person, make sure you embrace that and cherish them.



  1. Wonderful read. Thank you for sharing

  2. So true. Admitting faults, accepting flaws and letting go surely play a big part in growth and healing. Great advice!

  3. OMG I just did a post about accepting your flaws!

    I have a disability that has cause me to have missing and deformed fingers and for a long time I would always hide. For the first time in my life I am not afraid to be myself and it feels great!

    Great Post!!

  4. I love this post :)
    I followed you.



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