Thoughts and Reflections of a Beautiful Soul

Monday, June 28, 2010


How you treat others is a reflection of yourself. You always will reap what you sow. Bitterness, negativity and misery are a disease that you should keep in your own world. Just because you are unhappy with your life doesn't give you the right to interfere with someone else's.

Be wise with the choices you make when you try to bring down others, you could be digging your own grave. You want to disrupt other people's lives when you need to evaluate your life because you are not living right.

You wake up everyday and choose not to thank God.....YOU need to self-reflect

You make someone else's life a priority over yours......YOU need to self-reflect

You are so judgmental and always having something negative to say about someone or something.....YOU need to self-reflect

You carry yourself as if you are better and above everyone else.....YOU need to self-reflect

You are sneaky and have foul motives towards people......YOU need to self-reflect

The same people that you mistreat, will be the same ones that you may need one day. It's in you best interest to keep your misery to yourself. Work on your own soul before you try to tip toe on someone elses and  YOU need to self-reflect!



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