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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Quote: Love Letter.....

Daydreams of a love that’s soul lost in the sweet scent of Lilies as they bloom over a pasture so green. To YOU my dream…..the truth lies in my love, so never doubt it. To YOU my future…..with a heartbeat the same as mine…..I need your faith in me. The power of my love inspires you to conform, never feeling insecure. To YOU my inspiration…..I am embracing the poetic vibes in my soul. A love that yields to the highest degree…..bitter sweet surrender…..a living proof of God’s love changing an untamed heart. Beyond defeated, a war I can no longer fight…allowing love to be my guide. Intimate moments calm the storm of the raging sea, as our two souls turn into one, we overflow with anxiety and expectations….thankful you became my imperfect dream…… ~Sass~


  1. <3 I enjoy reading your work! Truly gifted woman of GOD who expresses her mind and thoughts on that pad with that pen!

  2. *Smiles* Thanks so much Darius!!! That means so much!! I appreciate all the continued support from you! You have always been a great friend! :) *hugs*



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