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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Assuring Hope

When life caves you in, you do not need reason’s….you need comfort. God is a Comforter, bringing to mind useful things at times when we need them the most. At times we feel the woes of life and we can’t seem to find a way out, but I want you to continue to be encouraged.

When we face weariness, confusion  and hardships, we do not need to pray for an easier lives, we should pray to become stronger men and women of God. Every test and every trial we are to gain renewed strength. It is God’s grace that sustains us, each and every step in our lives.

Jesus does not come to us with an explanation…..He comes to us with His Presence. When you stumble and cry out to God in your distress and your shame, He inclines His ear to you and  when we can not stand, He will bear us in His arms.

“In the shadow of His hand we find spiritual refreshment, for there we feed on His Word. Under His protecting hand we are safe from every evil that would assail us. The shadow of His hand affords peace and rest. Because we are hidden in the shadow of His hand, no foe can alarm us, no harm can befall us. In the shadow of His hand He hid me…….”

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