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Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Restless Soul......

In life we all have been disappointed by some people and things, but we shouldn't allow that to break us. Don't spend your whole life worrying about how someone did you wrong, let God deal with that. We must know that God makes use of the disappointments in our lives.

When things don't happen the way that we want we become restless. We try to fulfill our restless soul with material things, when God is the only one that can fulfill that need. When we don't deal with our restlessness it will haunt and hurt us. When we do what God tells us to do, restlessness steps aside.

Keep an open mind, know that everything that you are going through it is not permanent. When you are going through difficult times, don't turn your back on God, for that is the worst thing that you can do. YOU have to desire God's presence. The farther away you get from God, the harder it is for you to hear Him.


  1. Hi darling Becca,
    I really need to read this today. I've been struggling at healing over a broken relationship & dwelling on past hurts. Your reminder to give it to God set this morning at ease for me. I love following your blog and twitter...ur so inspirational.
    Thanks again!!
    Meme :)

  2. thank you for being a light in my life :)

  3. Hey Meme!

    Thanks for reading my post dear! I will continue to keep you in prayer. Healing takes time and it is a process. God is the ultimate comforter. Continue to be encouraged! I appreciate the support!

  4. Susan,

    I am humbled by your response and it really means a lot. Thank you for reading my post. Bountiful Blessings! :)



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