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Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Love that's Soul Deep......

"Soul Meets Soul on Lover's Lips"

My soul yearns for you, but yet my heart is heavy, the feeling of emptiness is bitter sweet.....I long for your the connections of our souls, we share tears. Your mere presence would make my body heart'll become the air I'll become the love I need. Heart races....breathing is heavy and deep....a kiss from ya lips would make my body weak.

As I look into your eyes and see the hurt, I want to embrace you...hold you past your pain. Us together will never be a loss it will always be a gain. Two souls intertwined with an unbreakable bond, we can take this love that's soul deep...far and beyond.

Step by step...breath by breath...we take on this journey called love. I pray for you....I pray for me....I pray for us as a whole, hoping one day will be.

This is what I feel....could this love be real?? I love him down to the depths of my soul...but where is his love? still feels cold. Anxious for the day we meet, but slowly dying inside....because my soul is still incomplete. *sighs*

~The pain passes....The beauty remains~

Originally written 11/28/09 5:34 am



  1. Wow! It's like you've stepped into my thoughts. Painfully expressive and relative.

  2. Thanks Mel! This post was a tough one! I really dug deep in my aching soul to get this out. Love is one thing....but to love and be connected at the soul is *priceless* I am glad that someone can relate! Thanks for the love and support! :-)



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